Why work with a video game lawyer?

There have been very few times throughout human history that a brand new art form has been invented. Painting and other visual arts are ancient as civilization itself, music is almost just as old. Film is relatively young, and can be seen as an evolution of stage play. Video games are a brand new art form, and their needs are unique and different from any that have come before it.

Video games are a unique medium. They’re interactive. They’re art. They’re also a big business, and are an industry that works differently from any other. Few other art forms are as uniquely accessible to independent creators as video games, where indie games can be sold right next big AAA titles on the same storefront. The video game industry also has its own unique terminology and structures.

You don’t just want any lawyer helping you through the legal and business challenges you and your studio will run into, you want someone who knows and loves this industry. You want someone who will help you understand the unique issues of copyright, contract, and other types of issues you’ll run into from the context of game development, not some lawyer who doesn’t understand the unique needs of an indie video game developer. You want someone who is a game developer themselves and cares about you and your project.

Why work with a video game lawyer? Because games are unique. The industry is unique. Your work is unique. You want someone who understands what this industry is, how it works, what the legal issues are, and wants to help you- and your game- succeed in it.

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