Services & Pricing

One of the biggest fears people have when working with an attorney is the unpredictability of fees. That’s why wherever I can I try to use a flat fee pricing model instead of an hourly rate. I think it better reflects the value of my services to you and your business, and it keeps things predictable.

Of course, there’s some variability in these prices, so these are only estimates, and are meant to help you understand prices typical of various services. Your actual cost may be greater or smaller depending on the scope of the work to be done as well as the size, needs, and situation of you and your business.

My goal is to be as upfront about the cost as possible, so there’s no guessing and no hidden fees. When we do have to work with an hourly rate, I’ll work with you to scope the work to fit your budget and keep you informed along the way.

Note that some of these services may come with federal or state filing fees. These fees are not included in my flat fee pricing. Before starting work, I’ll let you know about any relevant filing fees so you can know the total expected cost.

If you have any questions or need something that is not on this list, please reach out to me at or schedule a free consultation.

Independent Contractor/Work for Hire Agreement | $500

Are you working with an artist, or an independent contractor working with someone else? In either case, you’ll need a contract that’s enforceable, ensures that any interests in the finished product are in the right hands, and is tailored to your unique needs. I will meet with you to discuss your needs and draft a contract for you with payment structures set up as requested (hourly rate, flat fee, revenue share, royalties, etc.). In the end, you will have a contract ready to sign that covers the deal you have with your independent contractor and makes sure that everyone knows who has interests in the finished product.

Price may vary based on complexity, length, and other specifics to your situation.

Contract Review | $35-80 per page

If you’ve received a contract that you need reviewing, this service will ensure that you both understand the terms of the agreement and that it covers the terms of your deal as both parties understand them to be. I’ll consult with you on the deal as well as your objectives and summarize the contract in plain English, helping you understand what you are agreeing to. Through this process, you may realize you need additional services, though many less complicated issues can be resolved for a low flat fee.

Price will vary based on the scope of the work, the complexity of the deal, and turnaround time.

Terms of Use/End User License Agreement | $800

If you’re ready to release your game, you should have these documents to protect you from liability. I can help you draft ToS and EULA documents tailored to your needs.

Privacy Policy | $800

Once you’re ready to release your game, you should ensure compliance with privacy laws by having a GDPR and CCPA-compliant privacy policy.

Intellectual Property Assignment | $300

Sometimes you need intellectual property rights assigned to you or your studio, like when the IP was created outside the terms of a contract or a company was formed after work was started. This agreement will have those rights transferred to you and make sure you avoid future issues.

Licensing Agreement | $1000

Are you working with intellectual property owned by someone else, or want to protect your own intellectual property when used by others? You need a license! This agreement will help define the terms under which the licensed work is used and ensure that all parties have their interests protected. I will consult with you to ensure that the license is tailored to your needs and that you understand what the license grants.

US Trademark Registration | $750

A trademark helps identify who made something. Protecting your identity is essential to your bussiness’ future. Registering your trademark with the USPTO helps put the world “on notice” of your brand, and is often the first step to protecting your brand. This estimate does not include filing fees.

US Copyright Registration | $300

In order to take action against those infringing your copyright, registration is generally the first step. I’ll help you through the process of protecting your copyrighted work as well as advise you on how to protect your copyright. This estimate does not include filing fees.

Other Services

Every situation is unique, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. You can schedule a free consultation with the widget below, or you can send me an email at and I’ll get back to you.